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At WISC, we understand the challenges of balancing an academic career with caring responsibilities. Our Parents Cluster is lead by Dr Emily Draper, and is designed to offer support to academic parents and provide a platform for them to support each other.


We are currently in the process of setting up a Parents Cluster. This cluster is designed to help parents and future parents within our community. We are now collecting data from parents and people thinking about becoming parents to inform how best we can benefit people in this area. With this information we will gather a list of resources and set up other initiatives based on the data collected, so please keep an eye out for this on the website. Also based on this data we will publish our findings and present a seminar on parenting and parental leave in Academia.

If you would like to get involved, contribute to the questionnaires or have ideas on what is needed in the community please get in touch with Emily Draper by email or by the following social media links.



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PISC Facebook Group Launched
Parenting Clustere.jpg

We have recently launched the Parents in Supramolecular Chemistry Facebook group for parents in academy to share experiences, resources or have a rant about being a parent in academy. 

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