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How you can get involved with the WISC Mentoring network.

We provide a mentoring scheme that matches small groups of researchers of similar career stage into a mentoring circle with a mentor of a more advanced career stage.


Mentors meet with their circles for 1 hour each month as a group, usually via conference call or web chat. In addition to the monthly mentoring meetings, we also encourage mentees to communicate with other mentees in their circle as often as they like throughout the month.


We believe there is a lot of value in supporting and sharing experience with our peers, who may be experiencing similar situations and issues in their own careers. Issues that cannot be resolved through discussions within the circle can then be discussed with the group mentor in the next monthly meeting.

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The humble beginnings of the WISC network came from our own experiences of feeling lonely and isolated in academia. A small group started meeting every two weeks, chatting about our experiences and helping each other. These small, informal meetings inspired our mentoring circles, and we hope that the WISC community can use this scheme to support each other – just like our founding members did (and still do!).

If you would like to sign up to be one of our WISC network mentors or mentees

please email:

  • If you wish to become a mentor please use the following text in your email subject header: mentee wanted. 

  • If you wish to become a mentee please use the following text in your email subject header: mentor wanted.


Please also download and attach a signed copy of the WISC mentoring agreement, which will need to be signed by all parties involved before a mentor-mentee relationship can be initiated and also consider completing our survey so that we can best shape this network to serve the scientific community.

WISC will do its best to pair mentor and mentees to create fruitful relationships. However, if any members of a circle wish to leave the scheme or change circle, they should contact the WISC team ( or the Vice-Chair for Mentoring directly. Once aware, WISC will try to swifly accommodate the requested changes to the mentoring circles. This is also valid for any other issues encountered within the mentoring scheme.

Due to current limitations on our resources, we are only able to support those individuals at post-graduate level or beyond within the area of supramolecular chemistry, exceptions will be made for final year undergraduate students wishing to pursue a further study/a career within the area of supramolecular chemistry.

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