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WISC are uniquely positioned to study and reflect on the experiences of women in our community. These projects are lead by our resident social scientist - Dr Jennifer Leigh - who is an expert in embodiment, reflective practice, identity, academic practice, ableism and inclusivity and creative research methods in higher education. Jen L. is coordinating a number of projects, working with different groups of our network members from the supramolecular chemistry community.


We currently have several funded projects underway that are bringing some more creative and reflective aspects of social science together with STEM. These include a collaborative autoethnography project funded by the RSC that is looking specifically at experiences through and post-Covid-19 and its impacts on womens’ progression; a project using a combination of creative research methods including rhythmanalysis within a research team to explore the dynamics of team work and team building funded through a UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship; and an ethnographic and visual methods based project that is looking to evaluate the impact of creative and reflective methods on scientific research outputs funded through a BA APEX grant.


We are in the process of developing more work, please get in touch if you would be interested to learn more, attend a webinar, or contribute in the future.

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