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 WISC Vice Chair (Parenting and Clusters)

Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellow - University of Glasgow (UK)

Dr. Emily Draper is the Research Fellow representative for the WISC. She is currently a Lecturer in Chemical Robotics and Automated Synthesis at the University of Glasgow, UK. She currently holds a Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship and a Lord Kelvin Adam Smith Leadership Fellowship working on aligning self-assembled materials for organic electronics. She completed her PhD at the University of Liverpool in 2015 working on Photoresponsive Gelators, before continuing on as a PDRA looking at multi-component gels. She moved to Glasgow in 2016 as a PDRA working on organic photovoltaics before starting her Fellowships in August 2017. Emily then started a Lectureship position at Glasgow in November 2018 before taking time off to have her first child in January 2019. She is enjoying the challenge of being a new mother and an early career researcher (most of the time...). Her research interests include organic electronics, chromic materials, self-assembly, and combining computational and experimental based approaches for materials design. Emily is very passionate about maintaining a work-life balance. In her spare time she enjoys trying to visit every castle in Scotland, bagging Monros and eating Korean food all with baby and husband in tow.

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