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Women in Supramolecular Chemistry

An Area-Specific Network Calling in the Community for Support


Anna McConnell


Nachrichten aus der Chemie,  2023


Empowering and Supporting Everyone
Women in Supramolecular Chemistry Awardee Interview Video Article for the Hildegard-Hamm-Brucher Prize

Anna McConnell, Jennifer Hiscock, Claudia Caltagirone, Cally Haynes, Emily Draper, Marion Kieffer, Jennifer Leigh, Anna Slater, Charlie Hind, Larissa von Krbek, Sarah Pike, Paola Posocco


Chemistry Views,  2023


Listening to Fathers in STEM

Jennifer S. Leigh, David K. Smith, Barry A. Blight, Gareth O. Lloyd, Charlie T. McTernan and Emily R. Draper*

Nature Reviews Chemistry, 2023


The Future of Laboratory Chemistry Learning and Teaching Must be Accessible

Orielia Egambaram, Kira Hilton, Jennifer Leigh*, Robert Richardson, Julia Sarju, Anna Slater and Bethan Turner

This article is part of the New Visions for Teaching Laboratory special issue in the Journal of Chemical Education.


Fixing a Broken Culture

Emily R. Draper

Blog post accompanying the the Nature Reviews Chemistry comment piece  ‘Planning a Family’.


Planning a family

Jennifer S. Leigh, Nathalie Busschaert, Cally J. E. Haynes, Jennifer R. Hiscock, Kristin M. Hutchins, Larissa K. S. von Krbek, Anna J. McConnell, Anna G. Slater, David K. Smith, Emily R. Draper

Nat. Rev. Chem. 2022, 6, 673–675.


WONKHE blog post: 
Hearing marginalised voices in science

WISC book.jpg

Women in Supramolecular Chemistry - Collectively Crafting the Rhythms of Our Work and Lives in STEM


Pregnancy in the lab

Anna Slater, Claudia Caltagirone, Emily Draper, Nathalie Busschaert, Kristin Hutchins, Jennifer Leigh


Nat. Rev. Chem. 2022, 6, 163–164.


Managing research throughout COVID-19: Lived experiences of supramolecular chemists

Jennifer S. Leigh, Jennifer R. Hiscock, Sarah Koops, Anna J. McConnell, Cally J.E. Haynes, Claudia Caltagirone, Marion Kieffer, Emily R. Draper, Anna G. Slater, Kristin M. Hutchins, Davita Watkins, Nathalie Busschaert, Larissa K.S. von Krbek, Katrina A. Jolliffe, Michaele J. Hardie


Chem  2022, 8, 299–311.

conference report.jpg

A new equilibrium for supramolecular chemists

Ruhee A. Dawood and Alyssa-Jennifer Avestro


Nature Chemistry  2021, 13, 1164–1165.

Jen and Jen Nat Chem.jpg

A supporting supramolecular community

Anne Pichon


Nature Chemistry 2021, 13, 1153–1155.

chemistry world.jpg

Calling In Support

An inclusive, rigorous strategy for improving equality and diversity

C. Caltagirone, E. R. Draper, M. J. Hardie, C. J. E Haynes, J. R. Hiscock, K. A. Jolliffe, M. Kieffer, A. J. McConnell and J. S. Leigh


Chemistry World, 2021.


An Area‐Specific, International Community‐Led Approach to Understanding and Addressing Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Issues within Supramolecular Chemistry

C. Caltagirone, E. R. Draper, M. J. Hardie, C. J. E Haynes, J. R. Hiscock, K. A. Jolliffe, M. Kieffer, A. J. McConnell and J. S. Leigh


Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.2021, DOI: 10.1002/anie.202015297.

innovations in education.jpg

Exploring perceptions of and supporting dyslexia in teachers in higher education in STEM

Jennifer Hiscock and Jennifer Leigh, Innovations in Education and Teaching International2020, DOI: 10.1080/14703297.2020.1764377.

chempluschem issue logo.jpg

Supramolecular Chemistry:
Young Talents and their Mentors

Special Issue of ChemPlusChem, with Guest Editors Anna McConnell, Cally Haynes, Claudia Caltagirone and Jennifer Hiscock.

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– Women in Supramolecular Chemistry Blog

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