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Senior WISC network mentor - Professor of Organic Chemistry - University of Sydney (Australia)

Katrina (Kate) Jolliffe received her BSc (Hons 1) in 1993 and PhD in 1997 from the University of New South Wales. She then held positions at Twente University, The Netherlands; the University of Nottingham, UK and the Australian National University before taking up an ARC QEII research fellowship at The University of Sydney in 2002. In 2007 she became a Senior lecturer at the same institution and was promoted to Associate Professor in 2008 and to full Professor in 2009. She was Head of the School of Chemistry at The University of Sydney from 2013-2016. She has been awarded the Beckwith (2004), Biota (2006), Birch (2017) and H. G. Smith (2018) medals of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute. Her research interests are in the areas of supramolecular and organic chemistry, with a focus on the design and synthesis of functional molecules, such as molecular sensors capable of detecting anions in biological environments.

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