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WISC Vice Chair (People) 

Senior Lecturer in Higher Education - University of Kent (UK)

Dr Jennifer Leigh’s research weaves together threads of embodiment, reflective practice, identity, academic practice, ableism and inclusivity, creative research methods and development in higher education. She edited a book Conversations on Embodiment in Higher Education: Teaching, practice and research for Routledge, and is co-editor on Theorising Ableism in Academia with Nicole Brown, which is currently in press with UCL Press. A trained movement therapist, her book Boundaries of Qualitative Research: Between art, education and therapy is due out with Bristol University Press in 2022.


Dr Jennifer Leigh is a Reader in Creative Practices for Social Justices in the School of Social Policy, Sociology, and Social Research, University of Kent. She is a chemist turned sociologist, with a particular interest in using embodied, reflective, and creative practices for social justice. Her current work includes addressing and highlighting experiences of marginalisation in science due to intersectional factors including disability, gender, race, and caring responsibilities. She is a Co-Lead of NADSN’s STEMM Action Group and Vice Chair (Research) of the International WISC (Women in Supramolecular Chemistry) Network, and the Athena Forum Disability Champion. Her recent books are; 'Borders of qualitative research: Navigating how therapy, education, art, and science connect' (2024, Bristol University Press), 'Women in Supramolecular Chemistry: Collectively crafting the rhythms of our work and lives in STEM' (2022, Policy Press), 'Embodied Inquiry: Research Methods' (2021, Bloomsbury), 'Ableism in Academia: Theorising lived experiences of disability and chronic illness in higher education' (2020, UCL Press), and 'Conversations on embodiment across higher education: Teaching, practice, and research (2019, Routledge). Her next book will be written with WISC 'How to thrive in laboratory life: A toolkit from WISC' (2025, Routledge).

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