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WISC Vice Chair (Organisation)

Lecturer in Organic Chemistry and Chemical Biology - University College London (UK)

Cally is a new lecturer in the Chemistry Department at UCL. She has worked as a PDRA in the groups of Jonathan Nitschke (University of Cambridge) and Phil Gale (University of Southampton). She completed her PhD in 2009 in the Gale group in Southampton. She also worked as a Publishing Editor at the Royal Society of Chemistry from 2013-2015, helping to produce journals including ChemComm, Chemical Science and ChemSocRev. Her research interests are in biosupramolecular chemistry, targeting the development of small molecule probes to perform new functions inside lipid bilayers for biomedical applications.

Outside the lab, Cally enjoys watching sport, listening to Swedish folk music and knitting (not normally at the same time). She is an avid fan of the Great British Bake Off, which often leads her believe that she too is an expert baker. She is frequently disappointed to discover that this is not the case but compensates lack of skill with enthusiasm.

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