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Senior WISC network mentor - Professor of Supramolecular Chemistry - University of Leeds (UK)

Michaele Hardie was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. She did her undergraduate studies and PhD at the University of Melbourne, the latter under the supervision of Bernard Hoskins and Richard Robson in the then nascent field of coordination polymers. After a brief postdoctoral stint with Alison Edwards at Melbourne, she went to the USA for a postdoctoral position at the University of Toledo in Alan Pinkerton’s crystallography group, before returning to Australia for further postdoctoral work at Monash University with Colin Raston. She joined the University of Leeds, UK as a lecturer in inorganic chemistry in 2001, and moved up the ranks being promoted to Professor in 2012. Her main research interests are in metallo-supramolecular chemistry, new molecular hosts and chemical crystallography. The group is particularly interested in the self-assembly and behavior of discrete nano-scale metallo-supramolecular cages, functional multi-nuclear complexes, host-guest chemistry and coordination polymers and metal-organic frameworks (MOFs).

Michaele is an active member of the supramolecular community. She has presented at numerous conferences, been a long term member of the UK Macrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry Group, been on local organising committee for ISMSC meetings, is on the international advisory committee of the International Conference on Calixarenes, and is/has been on the Editorial Board of CrystEngComm and Supramolecular Chemistry, and Editorial Advisory Boards of Chem. Commun. and Chem. Soc. Rev. Outside of chemistry she can often be found on a bicycle and can usually be convinced to go for a beer.

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