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WISC Vice Chair (First Generation Cluster)

CMC Scientist at CSL Behring/Consultys CH

Marion is from Strasbourg, France and is currently working as an R&D scientist at InnoMedica, a small Swiss pharmaceutical company. Her research efforts focus on the development of innovative liposomal formulation for drug delivery. She first obtained her Diplome d’Ingenieur and Master of Advance Science and Technology from the ESPCI ParisTech. She then joined the group of Prof. Jonathan Nitschke at the University of Cambridge where she obtained her MPhil and her PhD, working on the design of novel supramolecular metal-organic containers functionalised with biomolecules. In 2019, she took up a PDRA position at the University of Bristol in the group of Prof. Anthony Davis where she investigated the use of anion carriers for chloride transport across cell membranes, in the hope to use these to help patients with cystic fibrosis. She decided to make the jump to industry in 2020.

She met Cally and Anna during her time in Cambridge and it did not take long before she got introduced to Jen, with whom she shares a common love of ponies and unicorns. Outside of work, she enjoys outdoor activities and all kinds of sports (except football, there are some limits…). As a good Frenchwoman, she is also obsessed with food and can be easily bribed with sugary snacks! 

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