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WISC Vice Chair (Industry)

Senior Project Team Leader/Senior Scientist – UK Health Security Agency


Charlie is a senior scientist and senior project team leader at UKHSA (formerly Public Health England). She completed her PhD in 2012 under Mark Cragg at the University of Southampton, characterising a pro-survival protein which is upregulated in metastatic melanoma. She then left academia to join the Technology Development Group at PHE in 2013, where she now manages a team and leads several exciting projects. She is not a chemist by training! She has foggy memories of chemistry from her undergraduate degree in Biochemistry with Biological Chemistry at the University of Nottingham, but is now a microbiologist. Her current research is working with chemists from academia and SMEs to develop novel therapies, including supramolecular chemistry solutions, as antimicrobials. Her team welcomes non-microbiologists into the UKHSA labs, where they receive comprehensive microbiology training and test their therapies against UKHSAs extensive library of multidrug resistant bacteria and fungi.

Outside of work, Charlie enjoys twisting herself in knots on aerial silks, travelling the world and gardening.

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