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Abigail Bidder_IMG_8910.jpeg


PhD Candidate  in Energetics and Supramolecular Chemistry - Heriot-Watt University

Abigail is originally from Chorley, England. She received her BSc from Lancaster University in 2022, and also completed a MSc by Research programme there in 2023. The main focus of their research during their MSc was the synthesis of lanthanide-appended rotaxanes and pseudorotaxanes for fluorescent sensing purposes, with the end goal being potential applications within biological media.


After she completed her MSc, Abigail moved to Edinburgh to join the Dalgarno research group at Heriot-Watt University as a PhD candidate, researching calix[n]arenes and their host-guest interactions with metal cations and energetic materials. The end goal of her research is still a little nebulous, as she’s only six months into her PhD at time of writing – but in the near future she would like to work on applications of calixarenes in the sensing of energetic materials in groundwater and other medias, ideally via fluorescence.

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